What is a content strategy and why is it important?

What is a content strategy and why is it important?

To grow and improve your presence on the Internet, it is essential that you develop a content strategy. Content is the mainstay of the Inbound methodology, and without it, as stupid as it may sound, the Internet would be empty. What is a content strategy?

Content is what we consume every day on the web, but more importantly, it is what people look for when they want to make a purchase: information that clarifies their doubts, product comparisons, success stories, forums etc … Do you see what do we mean by content?

Why is it important to plan a content strategy?

It is not about generating content by doing so, it is necessary to plan the steps to follow. It is not enough to create content to increase your online presence, convert visitors into leads and leads into customers, but you must follow a process thought, planned and executed according to clearly marked and organized guidelines.

Having a content strategy can be very positive for your website. By doing so, you will not only increase traffic to your site, but you will also be able to improve your goals with respect to many other metrics. An efficient content strategy will allow you to:

Offer added value, beyond the strictly commercial product or service or your mission and press releases. If you are always offering answers to the questions of your potential customers.

If they always find the information when they have a problem on your website, if you are always present in the minds of current customers, guess what? When buying a product, you will be the first option.

Help the user to know the sector in which you work and instruct them to learn how to choose the right product for their needs , which is probably your own product, if they always find relevant information on your website.

Become a quality benchmark in your subject of specialization. In this way, your sales team will be able to establish themselves as an “advisor” rather than a salesperson who is “astute” and sales reps are moving away from the stereotype of aggressive salespeople to become trusted advisers.

We give you 3 other advantages why having a blog on your website will help you convert visitors into customers.

How to get a good strategy?

The keys are:

Define the audience you want to direct your content to. This determines the tone in which you communicate, the themes, the means of communication to spread them, etc. It is about finding and creating your own market niche.

In Inbound they are called Buyer Persona, here we help you to do them, but in reality they are profiles of potential clients, based on interviews with real clients, and thus write content especially directed to them. This is how they look:

Set goals for each action. Those objectives must be clear, concrete, measurable and realistic, that is, SMART objectives. (In a minute, we tell you how to do them).

Define a publication schedule. Search engines take updates into account and penalize static websites over time.

Quantify, that is, measure the results through web analytics and the review of the objectives met and not met Change the strategy according to these results.

In general, it is about getting the most out of your website, having a blog as a repository of your organization’s knowledge, either through descriptive content of products, audiovisual content, or articles that answer the questions that a potential client may ask. .

With a well-defined strategy, continued over time, with planned topics that interest your potential clients, with a publication calendar, planning of its distribution through social networks (or the media where your potential client is), with a thorough analysis of the results, you will be able to measure the effectiveness and, therefore, the success or failure of your content.

Line Background

Creating free web pages: when is it an alternative and when is it not?

Making this decision will largely depend on the needs of your project. What is your audience? What type of information will you handle? What do you want to project? Therefore, before creating a free website, keep the following aspects in mind.

A few years ago, people considered that having a website was only for large and sophisticated companies that could afford them, well, creating a website today is no longer a utopia and not an option, it has simply become a necessity to communicate relevant information about products and services, which will help you sell and position your brand.

There are multiple ways to create a page that suits your needs, either personally or as a company that wants to have closer contact with its customers, in any case, you can choose to look for a free platform that offers you the possibility of creating your page, or you can pay for a service to a specialized company, but when is it an alternative to acquire a free service, and when not?

When is a free website an alternative?

Okay to use it

When the budget is limited: One of the most determining factors to make this decision is the budget, because, although creating a web page is not usually that expensive (it depends on its complexity) it is necessary to invest an amount of money, and for that.

There are many platforms that help you build your site, of course with more limited features, but that will make you a little more visible.

When you don’t require so much traffic: Being a free service, you have several limitations, including the ability of your page to support high user and information traffic. In that case, the page might not be able to respond properly and it will take too long to display the information, or in the worst case, it will crash.

When you want to implement a basic project: If you are thinking of a simple page, perhaps to socialize a project for the university, to organize an event where you only need to report, to create an online resume or prepare online presentations, this option is perfect For you, as well as being free, it is quite practical thanks to its templates and administration panel.

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When is a free website not an alternative?

All wrong

When you need to manage databases, manage clients and email accounts: If your need is higher and requires handling a considerable amount of information, you need to pay for this service, as the provider companies will guarantee you to support heavy traffic, in addition to providing support in every moment. And as if that weren’t enough, your information will be safe from cyber attacks.

When you need to sell your product: If you are looking to reach many people through the sale of a product, having a paid website is safer, because, in the case of virtual stores, it is necessary to have a payment system that guarantees the security of transactions. There is nothing more valuable to a web page than data security.

When you want to position your brand: When you pay for this service, in addition to having your own domain, the provider company will be able to work on SEO, that is, on the positioning of your page in search engines such as Google, making it more competitive and affordable for customers While, in a free page, you have a subdomain with little probability that it is located within the first response options of a search engine.

Remember, the most important thing is that you determine what your need is and what you want for your website, in this way you will be able to make the best decision.

Tips for making content that people want to see

How to choose this article among many that deal with the same topic? Why enter here? If you need to know how to make the content that people want to see to connect with your brand, read the lessons of the CEO of Dirty Kitchen in our # InboundMarketingSummit2018.

“How to make content that people want to see and generate the results that brands need”, was the name of the talk by Juan Camilo Rodríguez, CEO of Dirty Kitchen, one of the experts invited to the Inbound Marketing Summit 2018.

Tajarat properties is a digital content house with a presence in the country that seeks to establish connections with people through entertainment.

This company is recognized for being the creator of series such as Sincerely, Contemporary Adult, Memester, DOS, among others; audiovisual products that have managed to connect with brands and people.

Given this approach, how to create better content? Blue world city islamabad offers the first clues. You must answer yourself:

  • What is the story you want to tell?
  • How do you want to tell it?
  • How am I able to tell that story?
  • How to make that story relevant?

You must also take these factors into account:

1. Knowledge. You must think how do you want to be recognized? How do you want to position yourself? What kind of reference do you want to be?

2. Creation . For this process you must define what goals you set for yourself as a brand.

“Content is a mix of creativity + strategy + data = entertainment.”

3. Influence. How do you want to influence people?

4. Impact. Your content should be the content that people want to see, comment on, and share.

What should content do for people?

According to Rodríguez, the content must:

  • To make laugh.
  • Identify. Your audience should feel identified with the stories you are telling.
  • Inspire. What you tell must reach the deepest desires and motivations of your audience.

Success stories: entertainment content

To understand people’s desires, what connects them, their needs and pains, you need to get them talking.

Sincerely. This was the case of the series of women Sincerely. A conversation was established with the women they defined as part of their audience, to see what identifies them.

From there came the most relevant phrases for them, which were used in different types of campaigns, such as designing t-shirts with these insights.

FAB. To create content to connect with this renowned detergent for Colombians, one of the questions was, how do you get people to seek out FAB?

Keep in mind what people are asking. Among their searches they found that people were looking for: “how to remove a stain”.



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