Inbound Marketing? Let’s talk here and at SUMMIT 2018

Inbound Marketing? Let’s talk here and at SUMMIT 2018

Surely you have already heard about Inbound Marketing, it is time to understand why you should use it in your digital strategy and to attend the next Summit in Medellín.

In September, an event awaited by marketing leaders, entrepreneurs, sales representatives and all those who have been passionate about digital marketing and the most effective strategies returns : the Inbound Marketing Summit 2018 (IMS 18).

This is what you need to know about the Inbound Marketing Summit in 2018!

This great summit offers the most complete and detailed panorama of the best practices of the Inbound methodology in the country and abroad, taking into account that we always go hand in hand with the best partner.

But… Is this methodology new for you? Are you implementing inbound in your company? Are you applying it but still not achieving the results you expect? Whatever your relationship with inbound marketing, I’ll start by telling you what it is:

What is Inbound Marketing?

Perhaps in Colombia you have heard about inbound only in recent years, but surely you have heard a lot about content marketing. The Inbound marketing it is, simply put, converting visitors into business prospects through content.

We could define it as a slope or deepening of content marketing, a methodology that effectively and precisely combines the use of known digital marketing tools with the aim of selling through the website.

Is there a difference?

While content marketing generates valuable information, differential content, to seek a positioning (SEO) and create with it authority in the industry in which the brand or company operates, inbound takes that content, focuses it on a profile of client (that we will call buyer person), and it is activated to turn the visitor into a commercial prospect.

How? Using attractive content that people want to download in exchange for giving us some basic information, usually name, email and buyer profile. So content marketing is the cornerstone of inbound , there is content marketing without inbound, but there is no inbound without content.

That prospect is captured and outlined within one of the phases of the user journey ( buyer journey ) which are: discovery, consideration and decision.

The next step is to qualify it, that is, to know according to the consumption of content and interaction with the brand: if it is a subscriber (for the discovery phase), a marketing prospect (for the consideration phase), a sales prospect ( for the decision stage) or a client, to build loyalty.

This is what is known as lead nurturing, which is simply providing more content, segmented and contextualized to move it from one point to another of the buyer journey.

So again, the goal is to create business leads through content . Everything we do is to attract the client to the website: social networks, e-mail marketing, landing pages and the blog are focused on the consumption of content and through this we take the visitor along a route that allows us to know and qualify it appropriately for sale.

For it to work properly we must have technological tools that allow us to trace the user. The best known, and most prestigious in the world, is called HubSpot. It allows us to manage the entire content strategy, generation and qualification of prospects on the same platform.

Did you know that Triario won the HubSpot IMPACT Award in all of Latin America? Understand everything about this award here.

Why should you be using inbound marketing in your digital strategy?

Because it works. There are thousands of documented success stories in the world.

Because the internet is made of content and people enter the internet to consume content, without content the internet does not exist.

Because your effort is measured in ROI (return on investment), regardless of whether or not you sell online, whether they are products, services or ideas, the strategy is created to generate sales, not visits, interactions or followers. The latter are a means to an end: Sell!

Everything you need to know about the Inbound Marketing Summit 2018

Did you know that the second edition (BOGOTÁ version) of the Inbound Marketing Summit? The event is totally focused on the INBOUND methodology, a different way of doing Digital Marketing that helps companies of all types of industries and sizes to:

  • Create better content for your social networks.
  • Better position your Website (SEO).
  • Make a positive impact on the positioning of the brand.
  • Generate quality leads (LEADS).
  • And most important of all, SELL MORE thanks to the internet.

In addition, the event is presented in conjunction with the company HUBSPOT, the creators and top world references of this methodology.

The seminar speakers have extensive experience (verifiable) in this type of INBOUND MARKETING projects and strategies and they will share with us the best advice, case studies and ideas to apply in a tangible way in our companies.

For example, we will have Pablo Penades from the company blue world city islamabad, Country Manager of Google Colombia.

How much was the ticket worth?

It has a discount?

We are with a special price (20% discount) until TODAY. The ticket is COP $ 250,000 + VAT and you can buy it by clicking here.

In addition, we have special prices for groups of companies and multiple forms of payment that you can take advantage of. Ask us and we help you!


Is it worth attending?

You really can’t miss it. Perhaps it is the BEST INBOUND MARKETING event in Latin America and we will shake your head and ideas with a way of doing digital marketing that does work and does help to sell.

What is the agenda of the event and the exhibitors?

What do we learn at the event?

It is a very comprehensive approach to digital marketing:

We learn to better use our social networks.

To create content with people in mind, our clients.

But also to create content with Google in mind. 😉

How to optimize Landing Pages to increase conversions.

How to generate higher quality LEADS, more interested in what we sell.

How to use Google Adwords more effectively.

How to integrate the digital strategy with the CRM and the sales team.

How artificial intelligence integrates with digital marketing.

In addition, we will have many surprises, content, gifts and announcements that we will make during the event and which create a perfect mix that you should take advantage of.

5 things you will learn at the Inbound Marketing Summit 2018

Who is God without the definition on the Internet? Did you know that you can drink lava only once in your life? Do you want to know how fast you write? Did what we are asking you catch your attention? Well, we already took the first step: attracting. Welcome to Inbound Marketing Summit!

If you are a digital marketer you know what SUMMIT is , but then we will tell you. It is the most important event (meeting and forum) in Latin America dedicated to INBOUND MARKETING methodology, the strategy that does attract and convert prospects into real sales through content .

We have organized it since 2016, master of the methodology and the platform to apply it. We reached our fourth version in Bogotá, now! this Wednesday, April 11.

It is a fact: Inbound is the standard methodology of the digital marketing industry, as assured by our CEO. We want to talk with you about this great moment of Inbound Marketing Colombia and share the best practices. If you visit us you will definitely learn:

1. Of course, you will know what Inbound Marketing is and is not.

If you hardly know it, if you already apply it, if you still cannot implement it as you wish: welcome to the era of attraction, a new model that breaks the marketing paradigms, led by, specialist in Digital Marketing and Director of Strategy of the Tajarat properties.

Let me tell you everything you need to know about the Inbound Marketing Summit Bogotá 2018


2. The reasons why your company needs an Inbound Marketing strategy:

  • It is the digital marketing strategy that understands the change of the world and the way of buying.
  • Really synchronize the marketing and sales relationship.
  • Because its results are measured in terms of ROI -Return on Investment- and not KPI’s.
  • It leads to real customer traction and conversion.

Keep your contacts, nurture them, maintain them, generate the ideal connection to create promoters who will speak well of you.

3. The contents that you must consider for each stage of the Inbound strategy.

You cannot create content without knowing where you are aiming, or what you want to achieve. It does not make any sense. You must detect at what stage of your buying journey your buyer persona is so that you arrive with the correct content at the right time.

It sure has happened to you many times. You get a message that you weren’t expecting: “Who is this and why is he sending me things!” What are you doing? You delete it, you unsubscribe, you stop following it …

Learn how to avoid this and how to generate content ideas with Sarita Palacio, journalist and expert on the subject.

4. When you think you know enough about SEO, the geniuses of Google say: nope.

The new change in how to do SEO is the great revolution in 2018. How has Google’s algorithm changed? How will voice search transform everything that has been done so far? How do your prospects really search for the information? Do you know what a Pillar Page is?

The thousand and one ways and tools to find your perfect long tail phrase. All this and more with Fabio Araujo, the CEO Write SEO expert in Medellín on Google and tell us if you find it.

5. Lead Nurturing, Marketing Automation and Lead Scoring: the trilogy that unites marketing and sales.

After obtaining a lead, how to nurture it, keep it, recover it, decide how far you go with it. Learn it with Catalina Montoya, our Strategy and Innovation Manager at a company, and strengthen that love relationship that you started, so that it never dies.

How to get quality leads with Google Adwords and how to design the Landing Page that converts to the maximum, will be other topics from which you will have new ideas.

If you want to know what happens here, then review the lessons that the Inbound Marketing Summit Medellín 2017 left us.


If you are entering the world of Inbound and want to be a leader in the field, you must be guided and nurtured by the best.

You know well that Artificial Intelligence is one of the new trends that will change marketing in 2018, so you cannot miss the talk by Carlos Villalobos, HubSpot Partner Manager, who will talk about: “The role of Artificial Intelligence within an Inbound Marketing strategy”.



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