Condominium security: 5 factors you need to analyze

Condominium security: 5 factors you need to analyze

Did you know that security in condominiums is one of the main reasons that lead a person to live in an apartment? However, with the growth of urban violence in large cities, gangs have emerged that specialize in taking advantage of existing security flaws in buildings to commit robberies and thefts.

Given this reality, when looking for your next apartment, it is essential that you have a good knowledge of the structure and the security protocols that the condominium has, so you will reduce the risks of suffering some annoyance.

As you continue reading this post, you will learn what are the 5 factors that should be considered to evaluate the security of condominiums. Follow us!

1. Find out if the professionals responsible for security are specialized

Human error is one of the main factors used by gangs of robbers to condominiums. Thus, when analyzing the security of the building, find out if the professionals who work in it are specialized in preserving security and are able to coordinate satisfactorily the flow of people.

Observe whether porters, caretakers and security guards apply preventive security measures. Therefore, in addition to preventing the condominium from becoming vulnerable, the possible resource limitations are compensated by effective techniques.

2. Know the structure of the guardhouse

The guardhouse is one of the essential elements of any security process in condominiums, as they must be a mandatory passage from the external to the internal environment, its main function being to control who enters and leaves the condominium. Therefore, it must be well positioned, in a strategic location that allows visualization of the building’s exterior.

To increase the security of the building, the guardhouse can be armored and have more than one responsible professional. Thus, by decreasing the apparent vulnerability of the site, the action of criminals is inhibited.

So, when evaluating your next apartment, pay close attention to the structure of the guardhouse.

3. Assess the control of entry of people and vehicles

One of the main factors that criminals use to commit their crimes is the flaws and loopholes in the entry permit protocols in the condominium. To increase security, it is essential to have strict control over who enters and leaves the building.

Every visitor must be identified, and permission to enter must be made by the resident. Likewise, the condominium owner must be aware of the visit of couriers and other service providers.

When visiting the apartment, be aware of how your entry will be made, so that you will be able to observe possible loopholes.

4. Observe the presence of electronic security

To reduce possible human errors and inhibit the action of criminals, it is essential that technology is used in favor of the security of the condominium.

In addition to 24-hour cameras and alarms, there are a multitude of technological devices that avoid the contact of the porter with the external environment, and some buildings even use biometrics as a form of access permission.

Thus, try to understand the equipment that the condominium has that guarantee security and inhibit the action of criminals.

5. Find out if there are safety and emergency procedures

Get to know the existence of some formal procedure that determines the correct way that the resident and the employee should act to promote greater security in the condominium. It is also essential to know, in the event of an emergency, what measures should be taken.

To promote more security to its residents, a condominium needs much more than a doorman, it is essential to have all the technological apparatus possible, as well as having specialized professionals and formal processes that will increase security.

Therefore, it is essential to be aware of all these factors when you are looking for your next apartment.

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