Buying real estate: how can the couple organize finances?

Buying real estate: how can the couple organize finances?

Both couples who have not yet had the marriage ceremony and newlyweds, it is common for them to think and desire a home to live in. There are several possibilities to make this dream come true and buying land to build your own home is a good option, in addition to being one of the alternatives for those who want to save money and build a place to live peacefully.

Buying land is a solid alternative for those who, like most people, want to be safe in the business. In addition to being more affordable than the developments already built, there are other advantages for a couple to buy land:

  • Freedom of structure: by building their own home, the couple will be able to choose the way they want their home, idealize the spaces, as well as the way they will be willing. The raw material can also be chosen by future owners, in addition, they will be able to accompany the entire construction process.
  • Home valuation: when building a house, the couple will have expenses, just like in any other acquisition. However, by building it, it is possible to add value to the property and, over time, it will be worth much more than what was spent at present.
  • Savings in expenses: Apart from savings in the total value of the residence, the cost of paperwork that involves the maintenance of the land – including IPTU, municipal taxes and fees – is usually less than that of an already completed project. Spending on construction materials is also reduced, as the couple will be able to choose the items used and even take advantage of promotions.

How to organize and control the couple’s finances to buy land?

After joining with someone, there are several responsibilities that change and increase. All of this, if not done with organization, can lead both of them to the “hole” of debts. Therefore, especially those who want to buy land, should plan financially. Below, find out some tips for organizing and controlling the couple’s spending to finally buy land and have your dream home.


Spend spreadsheet Talk about future plans

Although it seems complicated, using a spreadsheet to mark the debts and earnings of the couple is something very useful to analyze what can be minimized in the debts. It is important that the two write down all expenses, even fixed expenses such as telephone, internet, energy, everyday purchases such as markets, fairs, among others. If well done and organized, the expense spreadsheet can be a great ally for efficient planning.

Talk about future plans

When the couple knows about each other’s plans, it becomes a little simpler to define priorities together and start planning the time and money needed to purchase the chosen land.

Get in common sense

A life together requires understanding and communication on the part of both. The couple may have different principles when it comes to saving, so it is necessary to understand each other’s side and get to a point where they both agree thinking about savings, spending and control. Balance is important to keep the couple’s relationship stable.

Set values

It is common that some expenses are inevitable for the couple, however, it is possible to be able to estimate some priority debts and define how much of the couple’s income will go to each area. For example, set aside part of the money for travel, part for market purchases, cinema and home bills.

Buying land is not such an easy task, because even if it is a little cheaper, it is still an asset that requires investment on the part of those interested. So, start organizing and saving your money to be able to build a residence according to what the couple dreams of. Any questions? Leave a comment for us.



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