6 problems that prevent a broker from closing sales

6 problems that prevent a broker from closing sales

In the past, it was more complicated to search to buy a property – the public relied only on classified ads and the word of your broker to close a deal. Today, the situation is quite different – with the internet, it is possible to take a virtual tour and see properties for sale in other neighborhoods, cities and countries, all without leaving your home.

This means that competition has increased among brokers. And, in order to continue to stand out, many professionals often ask themselves what they can do to close more sales. Thinking about it, in today’s post, we have separated six possible problems that you may be causing yourself – and how to solve them to improve your results. Come on?

Not knowing the customer

Buying a property is, for most people, a dream come true – and the broker has to keep that in mind when doing his job. More than scheduling a visit or giving the basic file of the property, he needs to be attentive to what each client wants and needs.

The best way to do this is by listening – for real! – Your customer and, if possible, write down all the information. Many professionals use questionnaires to set up the client’s profile. The questions are inserted casually during the meeting and the answers, duly completed. In this way, the chances of you offering the ideal home to your client are greatly increased.

Not knowing the real estate portfolio

Those who work with sales know that it is necessary to know the products, brands and services offered. For the broker, this means studying the real estate portfolio – yours or that of the real estate agency.

We know that, depending on the size of the company, this can seem like a Herculean task – so, do you want a tip to solve this? From customer profiles, you can search for different properties and, little by little, you will naturally keep the main ones in memory.

When in doubt, be sure to do a property search and analyze the results. The important thing is not to stand still, and never be content to show just one or the other option to the customer.

Focus too much on sales

It may seem crazy to say this, but it makes perfect sense. Buying a property is not something you do on an impulse – it involves planning. Therefore, the broker is a figure that goes beyond the seller, in the most literal sense of the word. He is someone who will help you find the best solution.

And it can take time! Therefore, forcing customers to close sales too quickly can cause them to stop trusting you, and look for another broker to help you realize your dream.

Thinking that a broker needs luck

No good professional needs luck! In fact, the main item of career success is a job well done. So, instead of regretting that a colleague is luckier, how about paying attention to your work methods and learning from him to be a better professional?

Not knowing your sales cycle

Getting to know the client, getting to know the real estate portfolio, researching, making visits … This takes time. So, to sell more, learn how the realtor’s sales cycle works – and take advantage of it to be able to attract more customers, without neglecting the current ones.


From the moment you start to classify your sales opportunities, you will notice a huge leap in the quality of results and in your time management.

Now that you have some basic and important information to increase your sales, don’t forget to put it into practice! A good realtor is one who is always willing to embrace better ways of doing his job and, thus, gaining more customers and closing more sales.

Still have doubts? Do you have any suggestions or experiences on the subject? Leave your comment and tell us everything!



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