The 4 biggest trends in the real estate market in 2018

The 4 biggest trends in the real estate market in 2018

Due to the economic crisis and high levels of inflation, 2017 was not a favorable year for the real estate market. However, the forecast of experts is that 2018 will have a positive reaction, with market trends that promise to reheat the sector once and for all.

In this process of resumption of jobs and financial stabilization, real estate transactions will be more advantageous, both for buyers and for financial companies.

And, to keep you on top of everything that comes around, we have prepared this post with the four biggest real estate trends for the coming year. Follow and plan!

1. Home automation

Technology and sustainability are the keywords when it comes to home automation. This is because this trend combines two aspects that are with everything today: technological advances and the need for environmental preservation. And it is clear that the construction companies would not disregard these factors, right?

After all, it is no longer enough to have a beautiful property, with impeccable finish and first-rate facilities. It is also necessary to appreciate the functionality of the house without causing damage to the environment. And that is where home automation comes in as the best alternative to make the property even more comfortable, sustainable and economical.

How does it work? It is simple: there are several home automation solutions, such as technological devices to control the use of electricity, water consumption and climate control in environments in order to combine practicality and savings in the use of the planet’s resources.

In addition to reducing waste, these intelligent control devices are safe and easy to install. It is enough that the construction company responsible for the property has in its team trained professionals to explore the full potential of home automation.

2. Virtual reality

Once again, technology speaks louder. Large construction companies and financiers are already betting on virtual reality resources to increase their proposals before the clientele.

It works like this: virtual reality programs allow you to virtually recreate a property, so that financing agents can program various profiles of residences according to the interests of each client.

With the help of virtual reality glasses, it is possible, for example, for the buyer to enter the rooms designed by the program, changing the decoration, increasing the project, etc.

In this way, both the company and the buyer gain in agility and efficiency, since the accuracy of the programmed images will facilitate the explanation of the eventual doubts of the customer, making him feel even more motivated to make the purchase.

3. Real estate consultants

Buying real estate is, without a doubt, one of the biggest investments that anyone can make in life. On the other hand, it is necessary to be very careful so that the transaction is really advantageous for everyone involved in the process.

Have you ever thought what a nightmare it would be to spend the entire term of the loan trying to solve problems with the lender? That is why real estate consultancy institutions are increasingly becoming a trend in the real estate market.

In order to escape the specter of poorly made purchases, the ideal is to have the support of a reliable and recognized consultancy in the industry, offering practical and effective service so that the customer knows how to deal with all the procedures involved in the purchase: agents, fees, deadlines, forms of financing, among other pertinent issues.

4. Digital signature

Also the result of technological innovations, the digital signature is another alternative that has been gaining space in the real estate market. This trend came to facilitate and reduce the burdensome process of closing the property contract.

Based on the encryption linked to a digital certificate, this technological solution allows the production of an electronic contract of preserved integrity and authenticity. Is it or is it not a sensational resource?

With these market trends for 2018, the buyer will certainly feel more encouraged to invest in the dream property. Like the idea? So, follow us on social networks (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram) and follow everything that comes around in the real estate sector!



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