How to offer a personalized service in my real estate?

How to offer a personalized service in my real estate?

The real estate business has changed a lot over the past few years. Today, with the internet, the client already has all the power of information and does not need a real estate agent to know the space, to know the specifications or to see photos.

He wants someone who fully understands his needs and offers options that really fit what he is looking for. And there is no better way to do this than through personalized service.

In the real estate business, this way of relating is very important, as the client is often looking to fulfill a dream. Even if you are an investor, the capital involved is always high and, therefore, relations must be treated with great care.

Thinking to help you in this task, here are some tips to make your service more and more aligned with this new perspective! Follow us!

What is personalized service?

More than cordiality and friendliness, when it comes to serving a customer, it is necessary to adapt the approach to each profile. In other words, personalized service is a flexible way of relating to customers and, therefore, the broker must seek to understand the individual needs, in order to provide the service in the best possible way.

By doing so, you demonstrate that you are attentive to the needs of each person and make it clear that buyers are not disposable. This increases trust and, consequently, manages to increase customer retention.

How to personalize your service?

When it comes to directing your approach to each consumer profile, it is worth putting some simple strategies into action. Check out some below!

Meet the customer

The first point that you must observe in order to offer a personalized service is to know the customer well. To do this, gather as much information as you can, already at the beginning of the relationship, and draw a profile. Start by getting the following information:

  • contacts – phone, email, address and social networks ;
  • demographic profile – profession, income range, marital status, etc;
  • property profile – region, number of rooms, leisure area, etc;
  • purpose – do you  want to invest or live?

Be available on multiple channels

A simple tip to offer a personalized service is to be available in several communication channels. That way, your customer can choose the one he finds most comfortable.

But be careful! Before you leave creating accounts on all social networks and providing email, website and phones, make sure that you have the ability to manage all of this information. This way, you don’t run the risk of leaving someone unanswered and even transmitting a negative image.

Use a real estate system with CRM

Many real estate agents use systems to assist in the general management of the business. One tip is to adopt a tool that also offers a CRM platform, that is, the management of the relationship with the customer.

In this way, you easily organize your contact list, remember all the interactions you have already done with a certain person and still manage to recap the tastes and peculiarities of each one, always with the aim of offering personalized service.

Ask for feedback at the end of the negotiation

Another interesting strategy is, after closing the deal, ask for feedback to your customer about the service. Thus, you can discover some areas in which you can still evolve to offer an ever better service.

Did you like the tips on personalized service? Certainly they can help you to make your contact with the customer more humanized and effective.

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