Financing consultant, know where to find!

Financing consultant, know where to find!

When we think about buying a property, it immediately comes to mind to look for a broker, a real estate agent or even a construction company to help us and ensure that everything goes according to plan, right?

But and when the option is to finance, who should we look for to have all the necessary support?

If this question were part of a questionnaire, the vast majority of people would answer that they should look for the bank branch where they have an account, but believe me this is not always the best option. Ideally, when planning a loan, you should seek a consultant specializing in real estate financingAre you going to say that you didn’t know that you have this free service option? Okay, many do not know this, but we will explain better about this alternative!

Main functions of a real estate finance consultant

The main function of a real estate financing consultant, in addition to providing all the support for the purchase of the property, is to ensure that the customer makes the best option at the time of purchase according to their condition. See more about the consultant’s role:

  • In addition to assisting the client from the beginning to the end of the real estate financing process   , the Consultant is responsible for presenting different financing solutions so that the client carefully analyzes all options and makes the best decision. For this, the consultant must be qualified.


  • The Consultant’s level of knowledge will be decisive for such assistance, on the other hand, the client must also understand that this Consultant is his ally when it comes to realizing his dream.


  • The client needs to explain his needs and what he really intends to do, at this moment the Consultant will be the best listener there is.

Real estate financing consultant and non-seller

Having everything the buyer has in hand and knowing what he expects, the Consultant will be able to analyze all the possibilities and present to the client what will best serve him.

See that we are talking about a Consultant and not a Salesperson.

When the client understands that the professional who is serving him does not want to sell a product but rather helps him to make the best decisions, he starts to listen carefully and consequently consult him about his doubts and new information that is coming. At this point, the two-way communication channel is established. The ideal is to make the client aware of the importance of this professional, it is he who will present the best business opportunities, analyze the process, study all the documentation, will work with the internal areas of the financial institution to make the completion of the financing as fast as possible , always aiming at transparency and security.

Assignments needed to be a real estate finance consultant

Below are some of the duties that a good Mortgage Credit Consultant should have:

  • Have the certificate of CA 300 or CA 600, in this case all professionals who work in financial institutions have;


  • Dominate the real estate credit market well and have the maximum information both from the institution that works and those that are competitors;


  • Be ethical when talking about your competitor;


  • You need to know how to clarify doubts about FGTS, interest rate, insurance, amortization, installment evolution, among others.


  • Have goodwill and professionalism to seek information that they do not know in order to better serve their client and become better and better.

Where to find the real estate finance consultant

The Consultant who has these duties will be the right person to assist the buyer interested in realizing the dream of owning their own home. Correct to pass on to the customer in the best possible way. Look for a real estate financing consultant and get the best financing solutions.

Is that you? Looking for a property? Do you need help from a consultant? Get in touch with our team right now and they can help you!



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