Digital marketing for brokers: how to increase sales

Real estate agent on the phone with a client

The era of digital transformation has changed people’s ways of relating and the way they do marketing. Continuing to use conventional techniques can become tiring and create unnecessary stress. The internet has become the most used means of attracting customers and increasing the number of sales in the real estate industry. So, be open to receiving new learnings.

In this content, we will talk about the importance of digital marketing for realtors and show how it is used by these professionals. We will also explain how the application of its strategies helps to increase sales and provides various details on attracting customers, advertising properties and services provided, among others.

Want to access tips on how to use digital marketing to sell real estate? Read on!

How can digital marketing assist in sales?

Digital marketing for realtors is a revolutionary method, however, it requires willingness on the part of professionals who wish to apply it. First, you need to understand all the possibilities offered by this universe, as innovative solutions are very useful to overcome difficulties.


New technologies have several advantages. See below how current techniques help sales!

Creates relationship with customers

Digital marketing tools allow the creation of relationships with customers who communicate remotely through communication channels. You’ll be able to create bonds of trust by using a well-planned website, social media and automation features that drive strategies. However, your talent is indispensable.


After initiating contacts through applications and platforms, schedule face-to-face visits with people who are willing to receive you or demonstrate no mastery of the technologies. Telephone calls and sending material by post is an interesting addition, however, be sure to invest in electronic messages.

Real estate agent on the phone with a client

Improves property disclosure

The internet also promotes the disclosure of properties for sale. Just take good pictures that catch the attention of the target audience and make the correct description of the houses or apartments. When responding to questions from potential customers, maintain a proactive and professional attitude by providing all the information requested.

Know how to go over the characteristics of each property and be prepared to answer any questions. For a customer to buy, he will have to feel secure during the service. If the broker doesn’t know or takes too long to answer, the buyer will probably look for the competition. So, update yourself every day.

Increases customer acquisition

A post on a social network attracts the reader to seek more information about a property. So don’t expect sales to happen just by posting an image and a short text. Use informational content daily in order to improve the attraction and attracting of customers, keeping them engaged.

How to use digital marketing for brokers?

Find out how to use social networks, as each has its own specific functions. For example, use Facebook to share posts, expose your professional profile on LinkedIn, and create more dynamic content about the daily lives of brokers on Instagram, in addition to presenting properties and their services in the form of videos on YouTube.


Digital marketing can be used to create relationships with customers, always reminding them of the services that are at their disposal. The broker who invests in this segment is able to significantly reduce advertising costs and direct his campaigns to people who are really interested in purchasing real estate.

Now you know how to increase your sales through digital marketing to brokers. Use all the information recorded in this content and, after attracting customers, apply techniques to retain customers and expand your portfolio even more. The market is competitive, but with effort and dedication it is possible to achieve success.



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