6 issues you should consider when buying a property

6 issues you should consider when buying a property

Buying a property is much more complex than most of the acquisitions that people make throughout their lives, but it is also one of the most satisfying.

So that this feeling is not replaced by headaches and even losses, some precautions need to be taken when analyzing the conditions of the negotiation.

Want to know what are the main factors that generate uncertainties when buying a property? We made a list, and, of course, we added the necessary clarifications. Check out.

1. Assess your financial capacity to buy a property

Financial control is crucial to the success of a purchase. Starting with the need to offer an initial contribution, that is, an entry that reduces the amount of possible financing.

For that, it is necessary to have accumulated an amount that corresponds to a good percentage of the total value of the negotiation.

At the same time, the portion of the financing must fit into monthly expenses without compromising on meeting the basic needs of the individual and the family and even their ability to save other amounts for other purchases.

If all this is under control, it is possible to proceed with the project of buying the property with tranquility.

2. Determine whether to buy a new or used property

New buildings generally have higher values ​​per square meter and less need for repairs and emergency maintenance.

The used ones, on the other hand, can be sold for great price conditions, however, they require greater dedication regarding reforms and repairs.

Thus, it is very important to list the pros and cons of these two purchases and choose the one most compatible with your profile and reality.

3. Study carefully the conditions of the negotiation

Some sellers ask for guarantees and determine rules, such as the date of delivery of the property, for example. And this needs to be studied carefully.

It is necessary to analyze whether they can be easily fulfilled or if they can enter the negotiation to reduce values ​​and other conditions.

If the seller wants a period of 90 days for the delivery of the keys, for example, the costs with a possible rent can be reduced proportionally in the combined value.

4. Think of buying as an investment

This means that the property should not only serve as a home, but also value the money that was invested in its acquisition.

In this sense, it is necessary to consider whether the price is fair due to the characteristics of the property, whether it is compatible with other properties with the same infrastructure offered and whether it has the potential for appreciation, such as possible improvements in the neighborhood, guarantee of a good final view, among others.

5. Carefully analyze the ads and the reality of the properties

This is one of the points that justify the hiring of a reliable real estate broker, because, in addition to a selection of quality properties, its professionals can also rely on the detailed analysis of the characteristics of the goods to be purchased.

Making these detailed considerations allows the buyer to be sure that the value offered is compatible with the reality of the property and that strategies used to hide defects are identified.

6. Research condo fees and other monthly expenses that may arise

When buying an apartment, for example, in addition to traditional consumption expenses, the now resident also needs to pay condominium fees and cash funds.

Thus, in addition to financing, other amounts will be added to your monthly financial control. Care must be taken in this regard, because the greater the external structure and the number of employees to keep it under control, the greater your expenses will be.

Buying a property does not have to cause any tension. The CrediPronto  help with mortgage release directly to the brokers and with excellent conditions. This helps to carry out the acquisition planning!

Considering all these points listed in the post, which one gives you the most concern? Leave your comment.



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