4 sales pitches to close a deal

4 sales pitches to close a deal

Closing a deal in the sales area may not be as simple as you think, especially when we are talking about real estate. Those who work in this field know that it is not only a house they are selling, but also the dream of home ownership.

If you have made it this far, you are certainly looking for more success in your sales. In the same way that you should know the errors of approach to avoid, it is worth checking the four best arguments for closing a deal:

1. Know the AIDA technique

Technical old and very efficient means: the voltage, i nteresse, d esejo and the tion. Starting from these four words, you will begin to formulate your best sales pitch.

Buying a property is serious and needs good research. When finding a potential buyer, the first step is to understand him in order to be able to draw your attention to that business opportunity. From there, it is time to arouse the interest of that buyer.

When the broker already knows the client, he knows what he is looking for in a house and profiles it properly. Thus, it is possible to arouse not only the interest for her, but the desire to live there, which will increase the chances of taking until the final action – the closing of the deal.

2. Know how to use the “but” to your advantage

Great obstacles for the good closing of sales are the adversities that the customers themselves put in front of the purchase. It is common for people to get lost when putting the pros and cons that surround the property in view on the scale.

When the house has more cons than pros, you will certainly be far from closing a deal. For this reason, it is necessary to learn to use the “but”: thus, when the potential buyer sees a problem in the property, the broker will be ready to turn the situation around and offer an optimal and occasional solution for him.

The product being sold must be well known, in addition to having made a good evaluation of the customer’s profile. Doing a short interview and knowing what he is looking for in a home is a good start to making the sale.

3. Understand the possible payment methods

To close a deal more easily, nothing better than knowing the most suitable investment for your clients. Every broker has to broker at least two types of people: those who want to sell a property and those who want to acquire.

By being aware of these two categories of customers and their needs, it will be much easier to find the best for all customers – and, of course, for you. This argument not only includes the characteristics of the house, but also the form of payment, an item that may be essential to close or not a deal. Using the previous arguments added to this technique, the chances of success in sales only tend to increase.

4. Adapt your language to your interlocutor (the client)

This last argument is a crucial tip for closing any deal. Each client is unique, bringing their personal tastes, way of speaking and distinctions. Therefore, the ideal home will also be unique for each consumer.

It is important to adapt to each type of potential customer, not only in the way of speaking, but also in the way of acting and communicating with him. Remember to optimize the sales process according to the person’s (and your family’s) profile. In the same way that every broker must know how to argue, he must also know the time when he is being inconvenient or unattractive in his speech.

With these four sales pitches, you will have a better chance of increasing the closing of your business. Have more success in your sales!



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